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Reali Buyers receive a cash back refund of the entire Buyer’s agent commission, typically 2-3%, minus a flat fee. That’s thousands of dollars back in your pocket! Learn More.

The Most Rewarding Path
Pay only one flat Seller’s Fee

Just say NO to fat real estate commissions.

Save thousands in seller agent commissions! Reali Sellers save on the standard 2-3% in seller’s agent fees. With Reali, you only pay a flat seller’s fee based on the listing price of your home.
How it Works
Sellers pay a flat listing fee of $950 for homes up to $250,000, $4,950 for homes up to $750,000, and $9,950 for homes priced over $750,000 (in addition to the typical 2-3% Buyer’s agent commission).
Think You Know Real Estate?
Think Again.
Real Estate for the New Millennium.

Real Estate Done Right

Reali fits today’s mobile lifestyle and makes the entire process easier, less stressful and more rewarding than ever before. Thousands of dollars in cash back for Buyers and zero commissions for Sellers - that’s Real Estate done right!

Down the Drain

The growing amount of cash Bay Area Buyers and Sellers have wasted in 2018 due to high commissions, and by not working with Reali.

Learn more about this market-wide plumbing problem.
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Power to the People:
A Real Estate Experience that Rewards Buyers and Sellers Like Never Before.

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The Old Way
(a.k.a. Really Bad)

The old real estate process was murky at best. With many intermediaries involved, inefficiency and conflict often ensued. And perhaps the biggest travesty of all, real estate agents took home massive commissions (typically sharing 5-6% of the final sale price) for varying levels of effort.

The Old Way
The New Way
(a.k.a. Really Good)

Reali arrives with a highly efficient, high tech and high-touch process that puts you in control. Our transparent and super efficient service removes all unnecessary obstacles. And best of all, Reali Buyers and Sellers each pay only one flat fee.

The New Way

A $950 Flat Fee, Yes Reali

If you’re buying or selling a home under $250,000, our new flat fee of $950 for both Buyers and Sellers will save you thousands. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay an agent thousands of dollars to buy or sell a home. And we know every dollar counts. With our new low fee and cash back, you could save up to $6,500 on a $250,000 home. That's more than 10% of a typical down payment, or long weekend getaway. Yes, Reali!
Check out the Calculator below to see how this adds up for you.

Reali Calculated

In an industry that typically drains wallets and savings accounts, only Reali actually puts cash into the hands of Buyers and Sellers. Buyers get a full refund of the Buyer's agent commission, typically 2-3%, at close of escrow minus a flat fee. Sellers listing with Reali pay a flat Seller fee plus a Buyer’s agent commission instead of the typical 5%-6% total commission. Either way, the people who really matter, Buyers and Sellers, get more money when a home is sold. *

Use the sliding scale below to see just how much both parties can benefit when working with Reali.

Sell with Reali & Save Seller Savings 26050

Sellers save up to 3% on commissions

Your Home 1200000
$100,000 $8,000,000
Buy with Reali & Save Buyer Cash Back 26050

Buyers receive up to 3% cash back

* Seller Savings estimates are based on a traditional 6% combined agent commission, minus our flat fee which is based on the listing price of your home. Buyer Cash Back estimates are based on a 3% Buyer's Agent commission being given to the Buyer, minus our flat fee. Buyer and Sellers each pay a flat transaction fee of $950 for homes up to $250,000, $4,950 for homes over $250,000 and up to $750,000, and $9,950 for homes priced over $750,000. For example: if a home is listed and sold for $240,000 the Buyer would play a flat fee of $950 and receive a cash back bonus of $6,250. The seller would pay Reali a $950 flat fee and save $6,250 in agent commissions.

A Reali Different Approach: Focused on YOU

Get a full refund of the Buyer’s agent commission (typically 2-3%) at close of escrow. That’s a load of cash going back to you.
Innovative app goes where you go.
Explore listings on your own time, with no agent pressure. Schedule on-demand open houses for a stress free, app-guided experience.
Get real-time, live support from licensed Reali Experts. 8am-8pm, 7-days-a-week.
Get qualified, search listings, make an offer, right from the app.
Get mortgage advice and assistance.
1-year Buyer Warranty - If you need to sell your new home for any reason within the first year of purchase, we will waive our Seller transaction fee.
Our flat Seller fee saves you thousands...and thousands...of dollars. Learn More.
Strategic marketing plan tailored to your home.
Website and videos customized to your listing.
Comprehensive staging package includes SmartStaging with security cameras, HDTVs, Sonos Surround Sound and Amazon Alexa. You also receive our unique IdeaStaging technology, which allows Buyers to virtually view multiple living space options through the Reali App. Sellers also benefit from our expanded brand marketing to increase overall awareness of Reali's presence. We also offer professionally-styled furnishings and decor as an additional service.
Innovative Buyer tools to help prospects visualize living in your home, including mobile app, on-demand open houses, 3D Floor Plans, dynamic virtual tours, eye-catching signage and more.
Insights related to your buying or selling history with Reali, including your previously-identified preferences.
Refinancing or re-listing advice and assistance.
Ongoing support from the Reali Experts who already know you.
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