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How it Works: Get to Know Reali

Real Deal Benefits

Mobile Experience

Purposely built for the mobile world, the innovative Reali app lets you view all available listings, and complete almost every step of the buying process from your smartphone or tablet.

More Rewarding

Buyers receive an exclusive cash back benefit at close of escrow, typically 2-3%, minus a flat fee, making the home buying experience more affordable. Buy a $1,000,000 home…get $20,000 back.

Low Anxiety

Receive hands-on guidance from Reali Experts, our licensed real estate professionals, at every stage of your journey. They don’t work on commission, and are always available to help ensure a low-stress, info-packed experience...even long after escrow closes. Learn about Reali Pulse.

And as a bonus, we can also assist with finding just the right mortgage for your situation.

Reali buyer package

Buy With Reali & Score

Reali delivers superior service, data and guidance for only a low flat fee, versus the traditional real estate model. Buyers are charged a flat transaction fee but receive a cash back bonus of the Buyer’s agent commission (typically 2-3%) at close of escrow. Use the sliding calculator below to see just how much cash you can get back when buying a home with us *.

How it works: Buyers pay a small flat fee of $950 for homes up to $250,000, $4,950 for homes over $250,000 and up to $750,000, and $9,950 for homes priced over $750,000.

Your Home 1200000
$100,000 $8,000,000

Buyer Cash Back $ 26050

Buyers get up to 3% cash back. Use it for upgrades, your mortgage, or celebrate with a trip to Hawaii.

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* Calculations include the deduction of our transaction fee.

Reali Different

Reali Non-Reali
Cash Back at Close Cash Back at Close Typically 2-3% Nada
A Reali exclusive benefit: Buyers represented by Reali receive a full cash back refund of the Buyer’s agent commission (typically between 2% and 3%), minus our flat transaction fee, at close of escrow. This puts many thousands of dollars back in your pocket. How it Works.
Expert Advice Expert Advice 8am-8pm Hit or miss
Tap the "Expert" icon on the Reali App to connect with a live Reali Expert. Get instant access to property details, sales history, neighborhood comps and more.
On-Demand Open HousesOn-Demand Open Houses Not a problem Not so much
Schedule an immersive, information-packed walkthrough of Real-listed homes at your convenience. Use a special interactive menu in the app to get a self guided visit of key features.
Service WarrantyService Warranty Fully-backed No such thing
Only Reali guarantees that you are fully-satisfied. We blend real estate expertise, in-depth data and innovative technology to ensure a smooth transaction.
Reali App Platform Reali App Platform iOS and Android n/a
Now available for iOS and Android platforms.
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The Path to Homeownership
Begins with Five Easy Steps

Reali has evolved the home buying process for today’s fast-paced environment, making it easier and more intuitive than ever before. Our app and Experts combine to take you through the entire process, ensuring that you always know where you stand and what will be coming next. From initial searches to handing over keys, we’re there when you need us, and won’t hover when you don’t.

Get Reali Verified

Get Reali Verified

Already searched the web for available homes? Now connect with your Reali Expert for hands-on assistance with qualification. Have a pre-approval letter? Use the app to securely upload it, along with your ID and proof of funds. Don’t have a pre-approval letter? Our in-house mortgage team will help you get qualified.

Take a Closer Look

Take a Closer Look

Now is the time to get personal with available homes. Use the app to schedule visits and Reali Experts will coordinate visits to non-Reali-listed homes. Reali-listed homes can be viewed on-demand, with self-guided app features.

Chat with your Expert at any time to request disclosures, review inspections and more.

Place an Offer

Place an Offer

Consult with your Reali Expert to review pricing, market conditions and contingencies, and be presented with an executive summary of all disclosures (an exclusive benefit to Reali-represented buyers). Reali Experts can also advise on drafting a personalized cover letter or video to accompany your offer.

Present your offer for review by your Reali Expert and submission to the Seller.

Offer Accepted

Offer Accepted

Your Reali Expert will guide you through all the steps needed to reach offer acceptance and close of escrow, including making your initial deposit, getting an appraisal, researching hazard insurance, removal of contingencies and more.

Once everything is ready to go, your Reali Expert will send a copy of your signed offer to your Lender.

Close the Deal

Close the Deal

Work with your Reali Expert to review the closing statement and schedule a final property walkthrough.

Your Reali Expert will also help arrange your final deposit, and a meeting with the Title Company to sign your closing documents, get your keys and your Cash Back bonus!

Congratulations, you’re a homeowner! Break out the welcome mat and make the house your home.

What else should I know as a buyer?
Reali Buyers receive a full refund of the Buyer’s agent commission (typically 2% to 3%) at the close of sale, minus our flat transaction fee. The flat fee is based on the listing price of the home: $950 for homes up to $250,000, $4,950 for homes up to $750,000, and $9,950 for homes priced over $750,000. Let us do the work, while you focus on spending your bonus!
Reali Buyers receive a cash back refund of the entire Buyer’s agent commission, typically 2-3%. This means many thousands of dollars for Buyers to use toward their mortgage, to pay for upgrades or anything else they desire. The flat fee is based on the listing price of the home: $950 for homes up to $250,000, $4,950 for homes up to $750,000, and $9,950 for homes priced over $750,000.
No, you can work with Reali to purchase any property available and listed in the Multiple Listings Service (MLS). You can use the Reali app and receive our exclusive Buyer Cash Back benefit when we represent you, even if we are not listing the home you want to purchase.
No! Reali’s innovative app works in concert with our experienced team of Reali Experts to ensure a smooth and interactive transaction. Every Reali Expert is a licensed real estate professional, who can guide you through every step of the process. Importantly, Reali Experts do not work on commission, so they are driven by your success, not theirs. Your Reali Expert is also supported by Reali mortgage experts and an extended team of project managers, transaction coordinators and more.
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