Learn About Our $950 Flat Fee for Homes Under $250K. Get the details
A $950 Flat Fee, Yes Reali. At Reali, we believe you should be able to buy and sell a home no matter your budget. To help with saving, we've introduced a lower flat fee of $950 to Buyers and Sellers for homes priced under $250K. So now you can use the savings to beef up your down payment, make future payments, and take that well-deserved road trip. Yes, Reali!

It Just Doesn't Add Up

This is the growing amount of cash Bay Area Buyers and Sellers have wasted in 2018 due to high commissions, and by not working with Reali.

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Real Estate Done Right
Reali is changing this in two ways: Sellers listing with Reali pay only a 4% total commission, instead of the typical 5-6%. And, Buyers get a full refund of the Buyer's agent commission, typically 2.5%, at close of escrow. Both of these scenarios put tens of thousands of dollars back into the hands of Buyers and Sellers. On a $1,000,000 home, that's $40,100 in combined savings. Based on Bay Area home sales in 2018 alone, roughly $6,000,000 per day has gone to agents, instead of back to consumers if they had been working with Reali. That's literally a boat load of money...enough to fill an ocean liner.

Here's how all that money could have been put to better use for the entire Bay Area community:

A big infusion of cash could help our region in many ways. Infrastructure, entertainment, philanthropy and more.
2 sparkling new
BART cars on the rails
30 miles re-paved on
a 6-lane freeway
2 years of funding for a
major Bay Area food bank
3 years of funding for the National
Corporation for Public Broadcasting

How the extra cash saved on your home could impact you:

Your Home 1200000

Enter Your Buying or Selling Price and See the Combined Savings Add Up

$100,000 $8,000,000

Your Combined Savings $52100
There's always something you'd love to do with extra cash. Go shopping, take a trip, give back. With the money you'll save buying or selling your home with Reali, here are just some of the possibilities:
347 weeks of groceries for
your family
10420 meals charitably given to
families and individuals in need
1 years of tuition to a University
of California campus
4 weeks trip to Europe
for four people

Stop the madness! Call 1-844-Hi-Reali or email us info@reali.com when you're ready to buy or sell a home.

Your wallet, and your community, will thank you.