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60-day guarantee addendum

This 60-day guarantee (the “60-Day Guarantee”) is subject to, and incorporated by reference into, the terms of use between Reali, Inc. (“Us”, “Our”, “We” or “Reali”) and You.


The Reali promise (subject to the terms of this 60-Day Guarantee): "If You don't receive an acceptable offer within 60 days of listing, We'll waive 100% of our seller's fee and sell Your home for free!"


  • 60-DAY GUARANTEE AGREEMENT: Reali guarantees that You will receive an offer for Your Property at or above the Minimum Acceptable Sales Price within the first 60 days after Reali begins marketing Your Property! If You don't, Reali will waive Reali's seller's fee (the "Seller Fee").
  • MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE SALES PRICE: You and Reali discuss the market value of Your home and agree on the listing price to be inputted into all marketing and advertising for the home (the "Advertised Price"), but also confidentially agree on the "Minimum Acceptable Sales Price" above, which is a realistic minimum sales price at which You would be willing to sell Your Property. The Advertised Price will in most cases be higher than the Minimum Acceptable Sales Price. Reali will keep Your Minimum Acceptable Sales Price confidential. You remain in control over sales price and can accept or reject any offer that You receive, regardless of the Advertised Price or Minimum Acceptable Sales Price.
  • DETAILS: The 60-day period begins 24 hours after the Property has appeared as "Active" on the local online multiple listing service ("MLS"). If no Acceptable Offer is received within the 60-day period, then Reali will continue to represent You under the terms of the attached listing agreement but will waive at closing the Seller Fee. You will still pay such advertised buyer's agent commission upon a successful sale of the Property, also known as the CBB% or Compensation to Buyer's broker, which is stated in the MLS listing and is typically 2% - 3% of the sale price. An "Acceptable Offer" is defined as a good faith written offer received from a third party, at or above the Minimum Acceptable Sales Price, on financing terms that are typical for the market, including all-cash, conventional financing, VA, or FHA loan, with a commercially reasonable down payment, accompanied by proof of funds and, if applicable, a loan pre-qualification letter. Once an Acceptable Offer is received during the 60-day period, the 60-day guarantee is no longer active, whether or not the You has accepted, rejected, or countered the Acceptable Offer. Reali reserves the right to terminate or modify its 60-Day Guarantee program at any time and without notice, subject to honoring any existing 60-Day Guarantee listing agreement addenda which Reali previously signed. Reali reserves the right to exclude a You client from this guarantee program if Reali and the You cannot agree on a Minimum Acceptable Sales Price. You are responsible for consulting with Your tax advisor regarding any tax considerations, and agrees to indemnify and defend broker for any damages resulting from Your tax liabilities.