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Real Deal Benefits

Flat Seller Fee

Reali Sellers save thousands because we replace the listing commission with a flat fee. This is thousands less than the typical 2.5-3% Seller's agent commission. After all, this is your investment, not ours.
How it Works
As a Seller you pay a flat fee of $950 for homes up to $250,000, $4,950 for homes over $250,000 and up to $750,000, and $9,950 for homes priced over $750,000 (in addition to the typical 2.5% Buyer’s agent commission).

Timely Close of Sale

Our highly-targeted, customized marketing plans, rich data and innovative mobile app presents your home in ways that today’s Buyers will appreciate, and gives them multiple tools to thoroughly research your home, make an offer and speed the close of sale.

Low Anxiety

We streamline the entire home selling transaction with more technology, less paperwork, our Reali Pulse support system and hands-on Reali Experts.

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Reali Seller Package

Reali Different

Flat Fee Our flat Seller fee means increased rewards for you, and total alignment between Reali and our Sellers. Get more out of the investment you've worked so hard to earn, when listing with Reali. Learn More
No Commissions
Typically 2.5-3% Higher commissions mean less money in your pocket at the end of the deal.
Market Leading When listing with Reali, we provide you with professional and customized marketing support, advice, materials and technologies that present your home in the absolute best light. All marketing pieces are developed by our in-house creative team.
All-Inclusive Marketing
Often Lacking Traditional real estate marketing often consists of cookie-cutter materials and lackluster presentations.
No Charge Includes SmartStaging with security cameras, HDTVs, Sonos Surround Sound and Amazon Alexa. You also receive our unique IdeaStaging technology, which allows Buyers to virtually view multiple living space options from the app.
Next Generation Staging
Big Charge Sellers typically must pay for all staging elements themselves, at a cost of thousands of dollars per month. Traditional staging can also result in a rather low-tech and uninspiring experience for potential Buyers.
Anytime Your licensed Reali Expert, and extended support team of project managers, escrow coordinators, transaction coordinators and facilities managers, provide instant access to property details and data so you know where things stand at all times.
Expert Advice
Hit or miss Traditional agents are not always available when you need them.
Not a problem Buyers can schedule an immersive visit at their convenience via the Reali App. A special menu calls out key home features for Buyers to experience. They can also take an immersive digital tour, including 360-degree interactive images.
On-Demand Open Houses
Not Necessarily Often when Buyers view a home, they can feel rushed and may miss these key features.
Fully-Backed Reali guarantees that you are fully-satisfied. We blend real estate expertise, in-depth data and innovative technology to ensure a smooth transaction.
Service Warranty
Mysterious Sometimes you’re not quite sure who has your back.
Innovative Features and technologies that make it easier than ever for Buyers to find, experience and purchase your home.
True Companion App
Inconsistent Hit or miss experience, that may not provide the most relevant benefits.
Reali Calculated

Reali delivers superior service, data and guidance for a significantly lower commission than the traditional real estate model. Instead of the typical 2.5-3% Seller's agent commission, Reali charges a flat Seller fee of $950 for homes up to $250,000, $4,950 for homes over $250,000 and up to $750,000, and $9,950 for homes priced over $750,000. This adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings for Sellers. Use the sliding calculator below to see just how much cash you can save when selling a home with us. Sellers also typically pay a 2.5% commission to the Buyer's agent.

Your Home 1200000
$100,000 $8,000,000

Seller Savings $26050

Sellers save up to 3% on commision

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Request a free, no-obligation listing consultation with a Reali Expert.

Smooth sailing toward your sale

Choppy seas have no place in the real estate environment. Sellers need things to go smoothly. No surprises, no big expenses, no drama. Reali works closely with fast-paced, independent and mobile Sellers to evaluate the property and market situation, and develop a plan that will result in a fast, profitable sale. Blending innovative technology, robust marketing and analysis with real world expertise, we craft a selling plan that steers clear of crashing waves.


Meet your Reali Expert and extended team to discuss your property and goals.

Discuss overall timing and any seasonality issues.

Discuss market trends and extended area comps to define the best selling price.

Define your target market and how best to reach them.


Discuss required home preparations and any needed repairs, upgrades and/or inspections before going on the market.

Review simple, strategic and proven staging techniques to ensure an optimal Buyer experience.


Our in-house marketing team develops your personalized marketing plan, including physical, active and virtual viewing elements, and implements our comprehensive staging package.

Our in-house design team creates your custom property video and website, and executes the digital marketing campaign. Check out a few websites and videos we've created!

List your home on the Reali app, the most dynamic and interactive tool for today’s Buyer. Your home is also listed on MLS and all major real estate search sites.

Place on-site Reali signage.

Close and Save
Close and Save
Close and Save

List with Reali and pay a flat Seller fee instead of the usual 2-3% Seller's agent commission. Big savings to use however you like.

We also provide an exclusive cash back benefit to Buyers working with Reali. See the Buy page to learn more.

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What else should I know as a seller?
Save thousands in seller agent commissions! Reali Sellers save on the standard 2-3% in seller’s agent fees by paying Reali a flat fee based on the listing price of your home: $950 for homes up to $250,000, $4,950 for homes up to $750,000, and $9,950 for homes priced over $750,000. Sellers also typically pay a 2.5% commission to the Buyer's agent.
Yes! A dedicated Reali Expert will be assigned to you. Every Reali Expert is a licensed real estate professional, who can guide you through every step of the process. Importantly, Reali Experts do not work on commission, so they are driven by your success, not theirs. Your Reali Expert is also supported by an extended team of project managers, escrow managers and more.
Listings will appear within the Reali system, as well as MLS and all leading real estate sites (i.e. Zillow, Trulia, etc.). Our extensive marketing program ensures that as many realtors and prospective buyers as possible can find your listing.
Yes, we offer traditional open houses. As an exclusive benefit, Reali-listed homes can be set up as an On-Demand Open House with your permission, which allows buyers to view a home at their convenience. This provides maximum exposure of your home.
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